Q. Why does the screen flash red when I reel my fish in?

This is your tension meter warning. If it goes too high into the red the fish will break your line and you could lose your lure and fish.


Q. Why does the screen flash blue when I am reeling in my fish?

That is your tension meter warning. Your line is getting too loose and fish will be able to spit the lure out and swim away.


Q. Why do I have a man sitting in my boat?

This is your fishing Mentor and he will be with you in the Pre-Fish portion of the game helping and guiding you, giving you tips on each lake and the fish in it.


Q. How can I turn off the Mentor VO?

Simply turn of the Music in the Options Menu


Q. How do I know what lures to use with each fish?

Like in real life, different species of fish will be attracted to different Lures. You can read the description for each Category of Lures in the BPS Store before you enter the lake.


Q. Why does my line keep breaking?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • When the screen turns red, you should stop or slow down your reeling.
  • Your line is probably too weak and you need to go buy heavier test line from the BPS Store.
  • I lost my Lure and it is not in my Tackle Box anymore!

Like in real life, if fish breaks your line or if you catch the snag, you will lose your lure as well.


Q. What if I lose all of my lures?

You will never lose all of your lures; you will always have a small selection of default lures.


Q. How can I earn more money?

You will need to accept challenges from fellow fishermen on the Lake in Pre-Fish mode or you need to place in a Tournament to earn money.


Q. How many times can I play against other Anglers on the Lake?

As many times as they challenge you, but they will only give you money the first two times you beat them on each lake.


Q. What is a Legendary Fish?

It is a highly prized fish of gigantic proportions that has been evading anglers and creating Fishing Legends on that lake for many years. Each lake (exception: Lake Toho) has at least one Legendary Fish. Listen carefully to tips from your Mentor for clues on where to find them.


Q. How many legendary fish are there?

There are 11 Legendary fish


Q. How can I find Legendary Fish?

  • Listen to the hints given to you by your fishing Mentor.
  • Look for Gold Sparks above the water. They will show up periodically when you are fishing in the right area.
  • Keep visiting BPSGames.com for more clues


Q. Can I catch Legendary Fish twice?

No. Each Legendary fish is unique and you can only claim it one time.


Q. Can I catch Legendary Fish in Pre-Fish?



Q. Can I catch Legendary in Quick Fish?



Q. Where can I find Peacock Bass?

On the Amazon Bonus Lake you unlock after completing the game.


Q. How do I unlock Lake El Salto?

Make sure that you finish first in 3 different tournaments and/or that you hold a Lake record on 3 different lakes


Q. How many days are in the Final Tournament on Table Rock Lake?

3 Days total


Q. I did not qualify on day two of the in last tournament; do I have to start all over again?



Q. If I leave after completing 1st day of the last tournament on Table Rock, will I have to replay that day?

No, you will not have to. Game will continue day 2 as long as you successfully qualified after day 1.


Q. I’m having trouble catching fish…what do you recommend?

Look for areas of natural fish habitat on the lakes—near shorelines, weedy areas, under bridges, near docks, under fallen trees.

  • Listen to the hints and tips given to you by your Mentor.
  • Make sure you’re using the right lures and equipment for the type of fish you’re going after. If you’re not sure, read the descriptions for the equipment in the tackle box.
  • Use your Fish Finder to see groups of fish underwater. Place your boat over a hot spot and cast away. Don’t forget to mark hot spots on your map for later!


Q. How many different species of fish are there?

There are 14 different Species.

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Black Crappie
  • White Crappie
  • Kentucky Spotted Bass
  • Striped Bass
  • Muskie
  • Northern Pike
  • Catfish
  • Walleye
  • Lake Trout
  • Peacock Bass
  • Gar (only in Bowfishing mini-game)
  • Carp (only in Bowfishing mini-game)


Q. I caught a fish with Rainbow Sparkles; what is that?

That is a Reward Fish and it will give you either a new lure or a BPS Gift Card to purchase more equipment in the BPS Store.


Q. Can I buy Lures from the game at my Local Bass Pro Shop Store?

All Lures are authentic and are available at your Bass Pro Shops Store—see “Where to Buy” section on BPSgames.com


Q. Can I change my character?

Not on the same profile. You can create a new profile with a new character if you’d like.


Q. Can I transfer my Saves (Data) between Profiles?



Q. Can I fish from above water instead of underwater?

Yes, just go to the Options Menu and turn “on” the Above Water Camera.


Q. I am in Pro Mode and I am fishing above water. Can I change it to below water mode?

Yes, just go to the Options Menu and turn “off” the Above Water Camera.


Q. Why do I have a letter grade next to each fish I catch in tournament?

It represents the size category for each species of fish.
A+ is the biggest and D- is the smallest


Q. How do I know how I’m doing in the Tournament? Am I in first place?

Like in a real life fishing tournament, you will not know where you are placed until you check in and weigh in your catch.


Q. I caught at least 10 fish, but there is only 5 in my live well!

Like in a real life fishing tournament, you can only have 5 fish in your live well at a time. The game will automatically keep your largest fish in the live well for you.


Q. What are all the Achievements?

  • Close Call
    You finished first, with a less than 1lb margin between you and the second place angler
  • Head to Head
    Beat all the different In-Game Mini-Challenge types
  • Cast Master
    500 total Perfect Casts
  • So Close
    Finish second on the 3rd day (of 3 days total) on Table Rock Lake in the Final Championship Tournament.
  • Going’ The Distance
    Fight a fish on your line for 4min or more!
  • Quick Learner
    Complete Tutorial
  • Hook Line & Sinker
    Finish in First Place on all Lakes
  • Afishionado
    Fish for an accumulative total of 10 hours or more
  • Lake Legend
    Catch all the Legendary Fish
  • Risky Business
    Check in with more than 5 minutes remaining in the tournament and still place first in the Tournament.
  • Bargain Hunter
    Spend at least $1000 in the BPS store
  • Treasure Chest
    Catch 25 Reward Fish
  • Fish Fry
    Catch at least 500lbs + of fish
  • Lost Cause
    Lose five lures on one lake (Pro)
    Break your line five times on one lake (Amateur)
  • Hot Spot Hot Shot
    Catch 50 fish in a single session on same lake without going back to the Menu


Q. What is “Tournament Key”

It is unique code given to the player for completing the game. Go to BPSGames.com to enter your code and have a chance to win real prizes


Q. How many Mini Games are there?

There are 2 Mini Games; Bow Fishing and Obstacle Course


Q. Do I have to have Wii Motion Plus to play this game?

No. You can play it with and without Motion Plus


Q. Can I use other Peripherals with this game?

We recommend using our Fishing Rod peripheral to play the game but other fishing rod peripherals should work fairly well
If you purchased Version One of The Strike you will have to go into the Options Menu and turn on the “Thumbstick Reeling” control scheme in order for the Version One fishing pole to work with the new game


Q. Can I check-in early in the Tournament?

Yes. But not until there are only 10 minutes remaining in the Tournament.


Q. Where do I check in? Where is my finish line?

You will check in at the Starting Point for each lake. Check your GPS for the starred marker on that lake.


Q. What happens if I am late to Check-In?

You will be punished 1lb for each minute you are late
After 10min, you will fail to qualify and will have to start tournament again


Q. I landed a fish a few seconds after the tournament ended, but it does not count!

Like in real life, the fish has to be out of the water and in the boat when time runs out in order to count towards the tournament